This painting was number 3 in an 8 painting series about Oswego County, NY. Oswego county aside from the loosely peppered metroplolises, is all woodlands, streams, and lakes.  I would dare to say that the county sports a higher number of dear population than residents. This location of this painting, is purposely indescript, because it litterally looks like 100 places I've seen in the county. The birch trees look quite familar and I'm sure that is the same family of dear that frequents my back yard in search for a scrap of bird suet or some fallen seeds. The visual features of this painting are stunning: they have been enhanced with several acrylic additives:  The snow seemingly drifts right off the canvas in spots, the trees actually feel crusty with a shell of ice and throughtout the scence is the sparkle offered by look of glass beads and glitter. The real time presence with the painting, takes the viewer into a 3D experience, the sight is just as it would appear when you step out the door on a January morning: the sun sparkles and lights up the facets of snow flakes like diamonds.

"A Family Walk" 24x36 Acrylic paint, textures and gels on 1-3/4 stretched canvas

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  • All work is created and painted by artist Steven Rockwell. Steven uses Imagination, memory, and assimilated photographic likenesses to create each paintng's subject.  All work is hand painted using acrylic or oil paints and compatible additives.  The finished paintings are full of impastos, textures, and/or sculpture like qualities. The resulting products have a "real time and space" presence that is visually stunning.  No painting is made using computers or printers.  Each and every painting is Guaranteed to be a hand painted/sculpted original.