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Artist Biography

  Steven is a painting teacher and professional artist and has taught painting to young adults from all over the world.  His recent Studio Research mixes traditional painting materials with experimental methods and materials. "I am challenging the "traditional"idea of aesthetics as well as the very creative process ", Steven says.  Using the concept of Pareidolia not only as a product end but also as the very creative process, places Steven's work into an unusual realm of how the painting process should be taught at the collegiate level. Steven says the results are ground breaking and the resulting products are alive with a freshness and viewer interactive process that could feed the next paradigm shift in the "Post AI" world of studio art. You sound like a self proclaimed artistic genius? Steven laughs, "yes I am but ever humbled by my insecurity complex".

Steven Rockwell.jpg
"Walmart Road Trip"--artist self portrait for My Brush Mark web site. 
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