My name is Steven Rockwell and I am a New York painter/artist. My company's name is "My Brush Mark". online at  I am both Artist and Educator by training and trade. I am a local college graduate with degrees in Art and Education from Syracuse University and LeMoyne College. I have shown and sold work locally for over 50 years. I have taught painting in the public and private sector for 20 years and still pursue my passion to teach at the college level and through private lessons (certifications and background checks are available). I am a "traditional painter" which means that I paint using tools, brushes, paints, and medium additives on real surfaces.  Except for an occasional photographic inspiration, I do not use any technology in the creative process.  My "Response Approach" to painting ensures that my customer receives an original painting that is both stunning and unique.  Every painting  I create, captures my emotional connection to the subject, in a visual surface that is rich in texture and "mark" making. Thank you Steven Rockwell


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