Artist Biography

  Steven Rockwell resides in New York State. He is the Founder, Artist and CEO of the company "My Brush Mark". online at  ---His company is a gallery and store of oil and acrylic paintings. Steven has been a painting teacher and artist for many years and has taught painting to young adults from all over the world. Today, other than an occasional opportunity to give a lesson, and teach a class, Steven focuses solely on studio painting and research. Steven shows his work in art Galleries and Venues throughout central NY every year and has sold over 100 paintings to date. Mr. Rockwell is attempting to revitalize interest in studio painting by presenting paintings that can not be made through the use of computers and printers, nor photographic and mass production methods .  His paintings are full of impastos, presenting a rich and vibrant textured  surface of stunning/real time visual effects.  In todays "Visual Culture" so focused on the use of the latest technology , the My Brush Mark Company is creating a new relational and responsive viewer experience, using one of arts purest forms of representation: the artist rendered painting.

Steven Rockwell artist self portrait
"Feathering In A Brush Mark"--artist self portrait for My Brush Mark web site.