top of page has always been about creating art that activates the viewer experience. My work is about creating art that inspires imagination and freshness so that ownership and/or viewership is an active and ever changing experience. Every time you see the same painting you’ll be looking at a different perception; Your different perception may be inspired by, the change in ambient light, the change in your angle of view, the change of your distance, or simply the change in your mood. A painting should come alive on the wall and speak to you.

My paintings incorporate three main creative concepts that gives my body of work its uniqueness: The Relationships of Power, The Responsive Creative Process, and The Subject Surface iIdentity.

Thematically my work is all about The Relationships of Power. This is how we make sense of our lives, our world. It’s in this ultimate relationship that we find the balance of “Me/They” social structures. In The Relationships of Power we define Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality. Our planets ecology and our wildlife, all succumb to the human “Rules” in Relationships of Power. Despite the seemingly diverse nature and method in which my paintings are represented, the underlying theme is always “The Relationships of Power.

The Responsive Creative Process is the creative method I have developed and used in the creation of my paintings. My method of creating relies heavily on a change in ideas in the creative process. This method is usually evident on the painting surface as an ebb and flow of a Destruction/creation process. Never are my paintings anything like my original visions of my idea. As I create, I have an ever changing vision based on what I am seeing at any given moment in time.

What is Subject Surface Identity? During the creative process the addition of different materials into the medium almost seems “vocalized” by the painting. This mechanical, yet creatively inspired, method of adding materials to the surface and in the paints creates visible textures, surface depths, and 3D shadows, that changes and enhances the communication of varied thematic experiences to the viewer. One of my most recent paintings actually uses cement. It was a perfect solution given the desired range of experiences I wished my viewers would have.

 In our post Artificial Intelligence world of Art, my unique vision could offer your studio art purchase something it really needs: a renewed “credibility and authenticity”. My work focuses on creative methods that will guarantee your purchase could never be copied or created by a computer and the visible product would engage every viewer in so much more than a passive and/or “dead” experience.  

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