The original version this painting, "Somewhere Over TRB" posted back in September right after it was created/destroyed. This is a some what refined version I just finished in January 2021. Both paintings take their inspiration from the emotion of pain and suffering You know, we all experienced a sense of loss and helplessness over the last 9 months. It was/is a very hurtful time. When we get like that we need to balance that feeling of "imbalance", some how. Anger can work and can be empowering if vented usefully. The 2 bottom layers of this painting were attempts to create something I would have considered beautiful and I just destroyed them with a fit of frustration and anger and then I saw all these tortured faces. I worked up a few into more definition and then I started to see more, Many more, but I stopped and said this is done. The painting should come alive for you as the imagery alludes to half- suggested imagery and then redirects you to something else, something you didn't notice before. This painting is not for everyone, my wife cringes when she sees this painting , shakes her head and just looks away. How many faces/figures do you see????? What else did you notice.

"Some Where Over TRB, 2020",16x20 acrylic on canvas

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  • All work is created and painted by master artist Steven Rockwell. Steven uses Imagination, memory, and assimilated photographic likenesses to create each paintng's subject.  All work is hand painted using acrylic or oil paints and compatible additives.  The finished paintings are full of impastos, textures, and/or sculpture like qualities. The resulting products have a "real time and space" presence that is visually stunning.  No painting is made using computers or printers.  Each and every painting is Guaranteed to be a hand painted/sculpted original.