Reading about the Life of Jesus reveals alot about the life of His mother.  Many of the visually historic  portrayals of Mary, represent her as humble,  prayerfulI, and divinely inspired. I wanted a painting a little different than I had ever recalled having seen. I wanted an egnimatic portrayl of Mary: A Mother with bright, youthful eyes, spirited and unafraid, as she must have been to fulfill such a heavenly request.

"Mother Mary" 18"x24"oils on stretched canvass.

SKU: 1018
  • All work is created and painted by artist Steven Rockwell. Steven uses Imagination, memory, and assimilated photographic likenesses to create each paintng's subject.  All work is hand painted using acrylic or oil paints and compatible additives.  The finished paintings are full of impastos, textures, and/or sculpture like qualities. The resulting products have a "real time and space" presence that is visually stunning.  No painting is made using computers or printers.  Each and every painting is Guaranteed to be a hand.