The photo that inspired this painting was taken in Washington DC, on a sultry summer day in July.  If you sit on the very first bench as you round the corner heading toward the Lincoln Memorial you will see this exact landscape scene, minus lincoln and his carriage. For those of you not familar with the landmark, the photo is of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. We really wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial that day but it was to warm and we were to tired and we only made it far as that bench.  It was quite a challenge, the following year, to recreate Lincoln, his driver, and an exact replica of his carriage and placing them in the perspective of the photo I had snapped some months earlier. Kind of cool painting if you think about it, this landmark did not exist during Lincoln's life time.  In life he never saw this man made pool.

"Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool" 24"x32" on canvass.

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  • All work is created and painted by artist Steven Rockwell. Steven uses Imagination, memory, and assimilated photographic likenesses to create each paintng's subject.  All work is hand painted using acrylic or oil paints and compatible additives.  The finished paintings are full of impastos, textures, and/or sculpture like qualities. The resulting products have a "real time and space" presence that is visually stunning.  No painting is made using computers or printers.  Each and every painting is Guaranteed to be a hand.