I wanted to paint a picture of a wolf that looked like it was coming after me.   Photographs of that do not exist so it was very challenging to create. Wolves can get quite large and weigh in at 180lbs., a force to be reckoned with, but their natural instinct when encountering humans is to head the other way. Imagine the scene: He is not growling nor showing his teeth and the last thing you would ever see was the begining of his first step, which is quicker than the fastest athelete you have ever seen. The remaining seconds of your life would be a blur.

"First Step" 20"x 26" Acrylics on canvas.

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  • All work is created and painted by Steven Rockwell. I use Imagination, Memory, and Photographs to create each picture, with the weighted reliance  being on imagination.  All work is hand painted using acrylic or oil paints.  None of this work is created using computers or printers.


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