This photo was taken at Pixley Falls State Park in 2017.  The park is a gem in New York's collection. The lady is someone whom I adore and looking through the lense, I saw her again as she was in the 1970's,  Her hair was so long and beautiful; she was like a " flower girl".

"Diane And Rock"18"x24" Acrylics on Canvas.

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  • All work is created and painted by artist Steven Rockwell. Steven uses Imagination, memory, and assimilated photographic likenesses to create each paintng's subject.  All work is hand painted using acrylic or oil paints and compatible additives.  The finished paintings are full of impastos, textures, and/or sculpture like qualities. The resulting products have a "real time and space" presence that is visually stunning.  No painting is made using computers or printers.  Each and every painting is Guaranteed to be a hand.