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A visit to a B&B in Vermont led to creation of this painting. At breakfast the morning of my stay the dinning room was full of people who evidently, had not seen each other in years. I was curious as to why they had traveled from many far away places back to their home town. Out for a walk after breakfast, the reason was made evident to me, when I passed the church just next door. The doors were flung open, as if in a welcoming gesture, and on the left of the pathway to the doors, was an old John Deere "Row Cropper" and a frailed straw hat carefully resting on an empty seat. The "Breakfast Guests" were all gathered on this morning, to honor the memory of an old friend and "His Life Well Lived".

"His Life Well Lived" 18"x24" on canvass

SKU: 1014
  • Original artist rendered oil and acrylic paintings for purchase or commision.

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