"The Search For Informed Compassion" to the right

20x30 oils on canvas About This Painting: Never has so much information been available from which to seek knowledge. Never has it been so easy to get it wrong. To make things even more difficult, the path to knowledge is so cluttered with ingenuine affirmations, if truth did exist it wouldn't be recognized.    There exists validity in the sides of every dispute no accurate and truthful ground can be found without considering the feelings of all that are involved.

Shelter In Place
"Shelter In Place" 16x20 oils on Canvas From the "There Is Beauty In Our Demise Series".  About This Painting:  Coping with trauma is something I am learning every single day of my life. Healing from loss, just as with the act of forgiving,  is not a definitive act, it is an on going process. Mornings always seem to beckon me with the question, "didnt I already do this?" The answer is "Yes", and I remember that I need to do it again, and again, and again.......
Home Sweet Home

"Home At 7747" 16x20 oils on stretched canvass About this Painting:

My memories of growing up always seemed so disconected from a mature morale understaning of adulthood. In retrospect, I was sheltered from so little, but definitely sheltered from the most important thing, that being, an awareness of how dangerous and toxic a child's life could be. It was in those days, that I nutured the wellness strategies that would protect me for my whole life. Even today, I can still steal away in a "cubby of solitude" so absorbed in my own creation, that all that remains of those days of ole', is the endless beauty of a hazy, hot sunrise as time wafted it through my homes' open doors and windows and safely carried me into another sunset.

Beautiful women bathing
“Back To Nature” 2020  Acrylic paints, gels and glass beads on 16x20x1 inch gallery wrapped canvas. About this painting: The history of the bathing subject has a long tradition as a sub-genre of painting. The stunning surface effects effects in my modern version brings this beautiful, albeit private moment to life.
West Pierpont Light House Oswego NY
“When The Winds Of December Turned Gloomy” 2020 Acrylic paints, gels, glass beads and fiber on a 20x30x1-1/2 gallery wrapped stretched canvas. About this painting:  On December 4th 1942 the following heroes lost their lives at the West Pierpont Light House in Oswego NY. Alston J. Wilson; 54, LTJG, Commanding Officer of Oswego, Coast Guard Station – Henderson Harbor, NY
Karl A. Jackson; 42, Boatswain Mate, Lighthouse Keeper, Oswego, NY
Leslie J. Holdsworth; 21, Seaman First Class, Lawrence, MA
Ralph J. Sprau; 27, Machinist Mate Second Class, Sandusky, OH
Irving Ginsburg; 21, Seaman Second Class, Syracuse, NY
Eugene C. Sisson; 29, Boatswain Mate, Binghamton, NY
The Beauty Of Our Demise

To The Left:

"There Is Beauty In Our Demise"  Acrylic painting on a 22x28x1 inch gallery wrapped on stretched canvas. About This painting:  We all reach places in our lives, weather symbolic or real, when we say to ourselves: “I need to go back”  We find that we need to change our direction. Our course in nature is no longer sustainable! We need to walk away or embrace the beauty that will become our demise.  
Somewhere Over The Rainbow,2020” Acrylic paint on a 15x30x1-1/2 inch gallery wrapped canvas. About This painting: A reminder of how quickly the reality of my rainbows and butterfly existence can be swept away. What a nightmare we are struggling to wake up from. God bless you, your loved ones, and your Healing Journey
The Legend of the Wolf's First Step
First Step”  ABOVE 2021 Acrylics paints and acrylic gels on 24 x 30 x3/4 gallery wrapped canvas. About this painting:  In many events regarding matters of physical competition the speed of the first step gives you the advantage.  The Northern Timber Wolves first step is a matter of survival and the making of legends.  This painting creates an imagined scenario, since it is not likely a human would ever surprise a wolf in the woods.  Their first instinct regarding people is one of fear.
Two Sides And Only One Path” 2021 Acrylics and acrylic gels on a 15x30x1-1/2 inch gallery wrapped canvas. About This painting: Inspired by Amanda Gormans inaugural poem:
That is the promise to glade, the hill we climb if only we dare it,
because being American is more than a pride we inherit —it’s the past we step into and how we repair it.

"Capsized In The Wave Of Her Discontent” 2021 Acylics on 12x18x3/4 Growing up in an abusive child hood predestines one to a struggle of abusive 
proportions. The person is always and forever confused by an opposing sense of values.  Love can be both tender and heart wrenching.  The journey to calm waters can be pure torture.
Capsized In the Wave Of Her Discontent
Swordswomen” 2020 Acrylics and acrylic paste built on a14x11x1 inch gallery wrapped canvas. About This Painting: The movie “Mulan” takes its inspiration from an ancient Chinese legend.  The truth of sword fighting is that it is more about speed and technique than brute strenght and given this fact, puts the element of believability into the story. 
IMG_1605 2.jpg
"In Search of A Soul" 2019 acrylics gallery wrapped 20x30x1-1/2.  About this painting: The Constantia Trinity Church was built in 1834.  The church still stands today as a protected landmark but most of the 124 acres of land that was donated with the church has been sold.  I painted the church as I imagined it would have looked before Rt49 was built and homes erected that would obscure the beautiful view and water access the church once had. The Pastor has traveled down to the shore to be a guiding light for paritioners that traveled to the service by boat.